The Author, Rebecca Givens

 Rebecca is a single mother of two beautiful daughters. She is an advocate for Early Childhood

Education and teen girls exiting the Foster Care System. Rebecca was born and raised on the

Northside of Youngstown, Ohio where she was the youngest of nine siblings. Rebecca was held

back in the second grade, left behind from all her friends and that left a great impact on her life.

As an adult she learned that children learn differently, that there are 7 different learning styles

and not all children learn at the same pace. Unfortunately,  back then and even now some teachers teach one way and expect all the children in the class to learn the one way and at the same pace.

When the children don't learn the same way and at the same pace, they are immediately labeled and left behind. 

Rebecca published Uh-Oh Jeffrey while residing in Hampton, Va, where she owned Rising Stars Daycare & Learning Center, a state licensed family home daycare center that provided care to children 6 weeks-12

years old. Her daycare center was Star Rated by Smart Beginnings (A public-private

partnership that implements early childhood strategies to enhance the quality of early

childhood education and service programs for children under age 5). To become an

Intentional Teacher and Director Rebecca obtained her Child Development Associate

(CDA) Credentials from the Robertson Educational Institute in Newport News, Va.

Rebecca is now a Preschool Consultant for Crawling to Destiny in Boardman, OH.

There she Coaches teachers how to be Intentional Teachers.

Although her nephew, Jeffrey Givens Jr. was the motivation behind Uh-Oh Jeffrey, it

is also intended to motivate and encourage Daycare Providers, Preschool Teachers and

Parents. Rebecca often hears parents speaking about how “badly” their children behave

and believes that in almost every case, once having reviewed what lead up to the child’s

behavior, the adult was at fault. Rebecca believes that Teachers, Daycare providers

and Parents should always be prepared before engaging in any activity with children. 

As you see in Uh-Oh Jeffrey, being unprepared can lead to a very exhausting day!

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